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Barndominiums, Lubbock, TX

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Allow us to show you why barndominiums are so wildly popular.

If you’re looking for a dwelling that combines the rustic allure of rural living with the sleek convenience of modern life, you’ve probably come across a new and wildly popular home style in your search – barndominiums. First coined by real estate developer Karl Nilsen and later popularized by the likes of HGTV personalities such as Chip and Joana Gaines, barndominiums are lauded for their seamless combination of form and functionality. As the name suggests, barndominiums are barn-like structures generally made with sheet metal siding and typically characterized by their spacious, open floorplans.

Barndominiums in Lubbock, Texas

Here at ADG Designs, we take great pride in helping our clients design barndominiums that reflect their unique needs and personalities. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious, multi-story country retreat or want something smaller and a little more practical, we can design the ideal barndominium that fuses the nostalgic appeal of a cozy farmhouse with the needs of the modern world.

While barndominiums are gorgeous to look at and live in, there’s more to them than just aesthetics. Many people choose to design barndominiums that have functional spaces for their business or other practical purposes, such as a garage, workshop, home gym, storage space, or event space. Because of their inherently practical design, barndominiums are excellent for those who want flexibility and the freedom to customize their layout to meet their living, working, or hobby needs without sacrificing style.

If you’re interested in learning more about barndominiums or want to work with us to bring your dream to life, just reach out to our office. We’re proud to offer our services to those in the Lubbock, Texas area, so call today to get started.