Evie Mae's BBQ Restaurant


ADG Design, LTD was hired by Palmetto Assets, the franchisees of the Lubbock Wienerschnitzel stores, to assess the purchase of the property at the 34th and Quaker location. Through our analysis we determined that we could help convert the former Church's Chicken into the new Wienerschnitzel store location.

ADG performed site surveys and from that presented concepts that would allow for the project to retain existing structures and materials and keeping the cost of renovations at a minimum all the while bringing the building into the new era of the franchise branding.

On any given day this building is passed by thousands of cars and we are proud to know that so many get to see the work that we created.


LifePoint Church Remodel Project

At the end of 2017 ADG was hired by Crain Group, LLC to come up with a design for an existing church building that was owned by LifePoint Church in Pearland, Texas. The building was actually two buildings that housed all of the church facilities combined. Numerous issues plagued this building and its ability to be used effectively and efficiently by the church. The spaces were all mostly filled to their max capacity on any Sunday so there was not much room left for growth in the church. The existing building had been modified and added on to but there was no consistent flow from one area to the other. This would often lead parents of multiple children to have to visits different ends of the building to drop off and pick up their kids. This also created a security risk as there was no cut off point to restrict the flow of people in and out of the children's areas. Given the age of the building there were no current or modern ADA standards in place. The 2nd floor offices also could not be accessed through any other way but non-compliant stairs. This and many other issues had to be examined and addressed.

ADG stepped up and resolved many of these issues by recommending demolishing some of the existing spaces but retaining much of existing structure to save costs and by adding on to it in order to combine both structures into one functional facility.

After meeting with the clients at the building and taking a full survey of the structures we went to work applying all of the needs requested and reworking the entire space to give it flow and function. Added to their space was a much needed fellowship area that could serve as a main foyer but could also house gatherings of different size. The children's area was completely reworked and now had a comprehensive flow to it and allowed for cut off points to restrict the flow of people in and out of those areas. An elevator was added to access the existing offices and the whole facility got a facelift to make it more modern and fit in with the new elements added to the building.

ADG is proud to be a part of such a great legacy that this church provides it's community and we smile knowing so many lives will be enriched using the facilities and space we created.