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Aselin Design Group
1112 13th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79401


Aeslin Design Group, LLC’s mission is to create designs that achieve the dream or vision of our clients through the exploration of creative and economical ideas.


Our team at Aeslin Design Group, LLC is working diligently to provide the highest level of service, design, technical expertise and business performance possible. We are striving to be recognized as one of the most trusting and reliant architecture firm in West Texas by 2020.


Aeslin Design Group was established in the practice and growth of the following set of values:

    • Excellence
      Demonstrate compelling design, communication, innovation and teamwork.

    • Efficiency
      Teamwork through a positive and productive atmosphere to serve our clients and staff.

    • Integrity
      Uphold with our clients, coworkers, and families through honest work ethic.

    • Innovation
      We are to continue to learn, improve, and mentor as a team.

    • Flexibility
      Encourage open-minded ideas to be flexible in changing the design as needed.